28+ Best Things to Do in Vancouver BC

Now is not the time to beat about the bush since that period of time has passed. These are the top things to do in Vancouver, the most enjoyable activities that one of the most livable cities in the world has to offer for its residents.

The top tourist destinations in Vancouver are shaped not just by the city’s present but also by its past; for example, cutting-edge museums may be found snuggled next to historically significant neighborhoods, and there are mountains as far as the eye can see.

We were not surprised to see parks, beaches, restaurants, pubs, and spas in Vancouver; rather, this was just something that we had come to anticipate.

Find a Community Gathering in the Strait of Georgia

Flipping through the pages of the Georgia Strait is the go-to activity for a Vancouver resident who is interested in “what’s happening” in the city. Any event that takes place at any time will be mentioned in this section, from extremely local community center talent events to blockbuster movies, ballets, and headline performances by superbands. Whatever your taste, whether it is comedy on Granville Island, jazz at a small bar, or volunteering at a charity event at the Vancouver Convention Center, you can find it all included in this free newspaper.

Make sure to check out the Vancouver Aquarium.

At the Vancouver Aquarium, you will have the opportunity to get as up and personal as you’d like with the creatures that call the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean and the canopy of the Brazilian Amazon home. If you’ve ever had a secret desire to do so, here is your chance. This attraction is one of the most well-liked things to do in Vancouver since it is both one of the biggest aquariums in North America as well as one that is ideally situated in the centre of Stanley Park. There is a lot to see, and because the Aquarium has a regular rotation of one-of-a-kind exhibits, you may want to give yourself at least a day to see everything there is to see. During that time, you can get up close and personal with beluga whales and find out how important salmon are to the local ecosystem.

Lunch at the Drive.

Urban places in Vancouver each have a narrative to tell, just like every other community in the globe. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to stroll along Commercial Drive, which is not only one of the oldest streets in Vancouver but also one of the most culturally diverse. This street, which was built in the early 1900s and is now fondly referred to as “The Drive,” is home to a diverse range of architectural styles, including Edwardian and modern homes, Portuguese bakeries, Brazilian coffee cafes, Italian pasta eateries, and a variety of hippy-chic businesses. The Drive is a hub of activity during the spring and summer months, serving as a gathering spot for those who are in search of delicious food and stimulating discussion.

Go skiing, snowboarding, or just play in the snow.

Even though Vancouver has a moderate climate, the North Shore mountains become a winter wonderland during the colder months of the year due to the accumulation of snow. It is impossible to find a more ideal location for a winter vacation than Vancouver. Not only are there three fantastic mountains within a 15-minute drive of the city centre, but there is also a free shuttle to one of them. Both Seymour and Grouse Mountains are located in North Vancouver and provide tough courses as well as entertainment for the whole family. Cypress Mountain, located in West Vancouver, is home to the greatest tubing park in the city. And if you’re a world-class skier, get on a shuttle and make your way to Whistler/Blackcomb, where you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have in the mountains. It should come as no surprise that Vancouver was chosen to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2010.

Go have a look around the Anthropology Museum.

It’s not hard to be taken aback by the beauty of Vancouver’s landscape, but if you want to get to know this city well, you have to begin from the beginning—the very beginning—and work your way forward. Around 10,000 years ago, humans started settling in what is today known as Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The Museum of Anthropology can be found on the campus of the University of British Columbia and presents a mosaic of Aboriginal works, both ancient and modern. These works all work together to weave together a tale that is seldom given to visitors to this wonderful city. This is one of the most essential things to do in Vancouver if you want to get a profound understanding of the origins of the city as well as its position within the larger international community.

Take a Trip along the Sea-to-Sky Highway If You Get a Chance.

The Sea-to-Sky corridor is a trip that takes guests on a journey that is around one and a half hours long, from the heart of downtown Vancouver to the world-class ski resort of Whistler. This route has been rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This trip is one that you won’t want to miss out on, so be sure to pack a lunch, bring your camera, and fill up the petrol tank of your rental vehicle. Along the road, you’ll come across breathtaking waterfalls, breathtaking panoramas, a magnificent cultural center, and a suspension bridge.

Explore the Grouse Grind on foot.

There is no better way to earn your stripes on the Grouse Grind and become an honorary Vancouverite (yes, that’s what they’re called) than to take on the challenge of climbing up Grouse Mountain. Despite being given the moniker “Mother Nature’s Staircase,” this is not a place for a leisurely walk. The fondly named “the Grind,” this trail is situated on the North Shore of Vancouver, at the base of the mountain that gives it its name (Grouse Mountain), and it leads hikers around 850 meters up into the alpine. As soon as you reach the summit, there is a panoramic chalet waiting for you there with ice-cold refreshments and expansive views of the city. When you have fully recovered, take the Grouse Gondola down the mountain to avoid putting your weak legs through any further strain while taking in the breathtaking views.

Ride Your Bike All Around Stanley Park

The results are in, and the people have spoken: Vancouver’s Stanley Park has been crowned the World’s Best Park by Trip Advisor, beating out competitors such as New York’s Central Park, the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, and Chicago’s Millennium Park. So, what exactly makes it so wonderful? Where else in the world is it possible to pedal all the way around an old-growth forest, explore historic Aboriginal village sites, get a tan at the beach, lay in a rose garden, and get up and personal with sea lions and Pacific dolphins? The most convenient method to move about the park is on a bicycle, and there are many rental kiosks for bicycles located at the bottom of Denman Street.

Shop with windows located near Gastown

The city of Vancouver was founded in the center of what is today a hip district known as Gastown. The name of this neighborhood comes from a historical person known as “Gassy Jack.” In 1867, the area that is now known as “Gastown” was the location of a number of timber mills. These mills have since been replaced by trendy loft apartments, restaurants serving European cuisine, cocktail clubs, and fashionable shops. Gastown was formerly the third biggest city in Canada. Along Water Street, there are a number of notable art galleries, in addition to a large number of shops selling Canadiana.

Explore China Town’s Famous Dim Sum

One of the best things about sightseeing in Vancouver is that it is quite simple to check off a number of items on a single trip to any of the city’s many distinct areas. Chinatown in Vancouver is not only the biggest but also one of the oldest in all of Canada. Chinatown, which is located on the outskirts of the Downtown Financial District and Gastown, is home to a wide variety of unique stores, low-cost markets, and, of course, the city’s finest Dim Sum eateries. Sunday is the busiest day for Dim Sum, but it’s also the nicest day because it’s when multi-generational families get together to sit down and talk about what’s been going on over the week.

Find Your Zen

Chinatown is home to one of the most spectacular Chinese gardens in all of Canada; if you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden. What makes it so magnificent is its unique structure. The site was built using only time-honored techniques (by hand), and it is designed to resemble the intricate gardens that can be seen on the Mainland. It has courtyards, flowing brooks, and flawlessly sculpted plants, all of which adhere to Confucian and Buddhist traditions.

Kayaking at Deep Cove

Ocean kayaking is one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver, and Deep Cove is considered to be one of the best and safest places to do it in all of Canada. If getting up close and personal with mother nature is your idea of the perfect day out, then ocean kayaking is one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver. A serene paddle along Indian Arm, a picture-perfect fjord where the animals of the forest come down to the water’s edge to welcome you with a curious look on their faces.

Granville Island may be reached by using an Aquabus.

Granville Island, home to a vibrant artistic community, should be on everyone’s itinerary when they come to visit Vancouver. It’s interesting to note that the area is more like a small peninsula than an island. What was once an industrial manufacturing powerhouse is now the gathering spot for well-to-do residents of Vancouver as well as visitors who want to shop for organic vegetables, drink luxury teas, taste exquisite chocolates, listen to buskers, and watch elegant boats sidle on up to the dock.

Be sure to check out the Richmond Night Market.

The summer months are the finest time to visit this location, and the Richmond Market is one of the most intriguing markets to meander around if you happen to be in town during that time. Richmond, which is home to the biggest Chinese population in Vancouver, puts on quite a show, complete with many kiosks selling knickknacks and other intriguing goods, as well as art displays.

Participate in a Food Crawl.

Because Vancouver is the city in the world with the highest proportion of people from different ethnic backgrounds, you can get almost every kind of food you can imagine in this city. You could easily take a vacation around the world by eating here; from the freshest sushi to the most rustic farm-to-table cuisine, its culinary influences are endless. Since you could easily take a tour around the globe by eating here, why not allow someone else do it for you and go on a gastronomic tour? When you combine the dynamic culinary scene with the rapidly growing craft beer and wine industries, you have the ingredients for a day that is sure to be filled with mouthwatering delights.

Hike in Lynn Canyon

There are two suspension bridges in Vancouver; both are equally stunning; however, one of them is often filled with visitors and costs money, while the other is visited more by residents and is free of charge. Hiking lovers have been able to enjoy the beauty of Lynn Canyon Park for more than a century because to its central location in Lynn Valley. There are hiking routes, swimming holes that are used by many people, gorgeous waterfalls, and of course, a hair-raising suspension bridge that is located fifty metres up in the canopy. This is something that you absolutely must do, regardless of how brief your vacation is.

Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a popular destination for visitors from all over the globe who have a passion for gardening. The wonderful thing about this urban paradise is that it is open for business throughout the whole year. Pack a lunch and enjoy the aromatic garden throughout the warmer months by going for a walk down Laburnum Walk, bringing a picnic with you, and finding a space in the shade to eat it. The garden is like a little version of the ecosystems that may be found all over the earth.

Attend a Performance at the Commodore Theater.

There is a wide variety of live music venues in Vancouver, and there is almost always a well-known performer in the city that captivates the audience. The Commodore Ballroom is both one of the venues that has been around the longest and one of the most popular ones. The Commodore, which first opened its doors in the 1920s at the heyday of the Art Deco movement, has played home to the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., U2, Tina Turner, and Lady Gaga. The entry rates are more affordable than those at the city’s major venues, and the atmosphere is not as formal.

Attend a Vancouver Canucks Game.

There is no doubt that hockey was born and raised in Canada. Seeing the Vancouver Canucks compete against any other National Hockey League club is one of the most thrilling things to do in Vancouver if you chance to be there between the months of October and April. Hockey is to Canada what football (soccer) is to Europe.

Run about around Pacific Spirit Park and get some exercise.

You’ll quickly realise that the people who live in Vancouver like spending as much of their spare time as possible outside, and one of their favourite places to do so is at the breathtaking Pacific Spirit Regional Park. This park is finished as planned. With 874 hectares of untouched woodland and an abundance of routes that have been meticulously maintained. The circumnavigation of the park, which is around 10 kilometres long, and the interior may both be explored on foot. This park is not only welcoming to people with dogs, but it also allows dogs to run free in many of its sections, so feel free to bring your canine companion along.

Gondola at the Sea-to-Sky

We have previously recommended that you take the sea-to-sky corridor, but what we haven’t gone into is all the incredible things that you’ll discover along the route, such as the Sea-to-Sky Gondola, which is one of the newest and most thrilling attractions in Vancouver. The Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge in Vancouver is 100 metres long and affords views in all directions, giving visitors the opportunity to take in all the Squamish area has to offer. Vancouver is known for its breathtaking vistas. It’s possible that the brilliant blue fjord below and the rough mountains that surround you will make you not want to descend.

Experience a beautiful sunset near English Bay.

One of the most distinctive communities in all of Canada is found in the West End of Vancouver. It is the urban neighbourhood with the highest population density in the whole nation, and it is considered to be a highly transitional area both due of its proximity to Stanley Park and the success of the seawall as a tourist attraction. During the summer months, it might be difficult to differentiate between the inhabitants and the visitors. When it’s time for supper, take a stroll along Denman Street and look for a restaurant or bar that serves tasty food and alcoholic beverages. Then make your way to English Bay, locate a seat, and take in one of nature’s most spectacular performances as it unfolds in the heavens above you.

Attend a service at the Christ Church Cathedral.

There are a lot of churches in Vancouver, but the Christ Church Cathedral is one of the most stunning. This Gothic Revival edifice created with beams made of West Coast Douglas fir may be admired by anybody, regardless of their religious beliefs. This is a wonderful location to go to get some rest and relaxation thanks to the beautiful stained glass windows and archways that are found here.

Sunshine Coast is the place to become folksy.

Although Vancouver is amazing, there are a lot of day excursions that are worthy of being on a bucket list that you may do if you are fortunate enough to have some extra time on your hands. You can reach Canada’s best-kept secret, the Sunshine Coast, by taking a boat voyage that lasts for forty minutes. We’re letting you in on this secret so that you may enjoy a coastal sanctuary for yourself. The residents of this seaside village are very unique, and the roads reflect that in their laid-back attitude toward life. Visitors can base themselves in Sechelt, Roberts Creek, or Gibsons; alternatively, if they are feeling more adventurous, they can rent a cabin further up the coast and spend their days shopping at authentic farmer’s markets, lazing around peaceful lakes, and/or grabbing a book and heading down to the beach for some time to themselves.

Stop by the Pacific National Exhibition when you have the chance.

The Pacific National Exhibition is held in the city throughout the summer months on the grounds that are specifically earmarked for the event for a total of 17 days. The century-old custom is a favourite among the community, and it brings with it a variety of rides, auctions of farm animals, a well-attended music series, beer gardens, and food sellers, as well as everything else that is needed to create an entertaining city-meets-urban fair.

Experience the thrill of the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most beautiful and historic bridges in the area, and it is located around 25 minutes outside of the city centre.

It is recommended that visitors arrive earlier in the morning, when there are less people around, in order to go over the old bridge, make their way to the cliff walk, and wander among the trees.

It is one of the most beautiful places in Vancouver, and visiting there is among the top things to do in the city, particularly if you want a taste of nature.

Be sure to check out the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Vancouver Art Gallery may be found smack dab in the middle of the city. A must-visit destination for admiring some of the most famous works of art in Canada and the globe.

Be careful to explore each of the numerous levels and rooms in the building. It is a terrific place to visit regardless of whether you are searching for shelter from the unpredictable weather that the city is known for, but it is much better if you are.

Take a trip on a seaplane.

One of the cities that is encircled on all sides by some of the world’s most breathtaking natural scenery is Vancouver.

There are glaciers, rocky mountain peaks, and snow-covered summits; this place has it all. If you are going to be staying in the city, you have the option of taking a seaplane ride from the harborfront itself. The cost of the ride will vary depending on how much time you spend flying over the city and the surrounding mountains.

It is one of the most beautiful flights you can take and a very memorable experience to go on.

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