Hello! Welcome to MyTravelPursuit.com.

I appreciate your time spent reading my posts. Writing about what we’re up to is one of my favorite things to do.

My family and I have been to a broad range of states, from the simplest to the most difficult to traverse. Please go through the various sections and let us know if our travel suggestions enable you to have a fantastic trip in the United States and other regions of the globe.

My objective is to help individuals overcome their concerns, phobias, failures, follies, and other feelings that make them feel anxious about traveling. Freedom, in my view, is lost when one permits oneself to be enslaved by undesirable ideas or experiences.

I want you to be the ideal road warrior and take command of your road trip. The most successful and time-tested method is to face an issue front on.

I use some ancient stories, personal experiences, and the type of knowledge that can only be gained via trial and error. You may find it amusing to read about some of my early visits… You’ll see, though, that we didn’t give up. I am thankful to my family for their strength and patience with us through difficult and unpleasant moments.

When you’re out on the wide road, the consequence of all your hard work is a relaxed, cheerful view of life. Every individual battles with time constraints or a lack of resources, such as money. I try my best to provide recommendations for remedies to such problems.

I try to cover all there is to know about traveling, from what to do while driving to what to do after you reach your destination.

A voyage has always struck us as having a romantic aspect about it. When you’re not at home, you feel more connected to your family than when you are. It’s conceivable that you didn’t pay as much attention to the trip while you were there as you would in the future. Someone will bring up an event from a vacation years ago at the most inconvenient moment at our house. This might happen at any moment, and as a result, we feel more bonded as a family.

The images you take on vacation may be lost or never developed, but the memories will be with you for the rest of your life. When we’re all gathered around the table, someone will definitely bring up a memory that has a special place in their heart.

One of the best things about going on a vacation is that you can always expect the unexpected.

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