Things to Do in Grenada, MS (Grenada Lake Guides)

Since the construction of Grenada Lake in 1954, Grenada has been a popular tourist attraction in the surrounding area.

The biggest lake in the state of Mississippi is called Grenada Lake. It has a total of 36,000 acres. Those of you who like outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, or water skiing… Grenada Lake has everything to offer. The lake is situated in handy proximity to a town that does not seem to be aware that there is a recession. Both business and new building construction are thriving at the moment.

An initiative to manage to flood in the Yazoo River Basin led to the construction of Grenada Lake. The breathtaking views of the lake and its beaches may be seen from the picturesque highway that spans the two-and-a-half-mile-long spillway. There are 148 miles of beachfront around the lake, 16 boat ramps, 49 basic camping places, and 311 Class A camping spots. Fun may be had at Grenada Lake throughout the year thanks to its basketball courts, softball fields, nature paths, and playgrounds. The lake has six public beaches and five playgrounds. Camping, fishing, swimming, boating, and jet skiing are popular activities at Grenada Lake. Does it make sense, huh?

The lake is located next to Hugh White State Park, which has a lodge, a campsite, and a variety of other amenities, such as a pool and cottages.

Grenada, Mississippi is located in North Central Mississippi and is on the ancient North/South path that US Highway 51 formerly followed. This ancient route between Jackson, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee is, for the most part, still accessible to vehicle travel. After using the new route, Memphis can be reached in only 129 miles, which is around the same distance as Jackson, Mississippi. Driving along ancient Route 51 will bring you right into the middle of numerous different communities. When Route 51 was constructed, the roadways were designed to purposefully go through as many communities as they could.

The roadway was never intended to go through the central business district of Grenada. About a quarter of a mile to the east of old 51 is where you’ll find the downtown area. I-55, the new north/south highway, bypasses the town by roughly a mile and a half. However, this road is the new north/south route. When you exit the highway, travel east onto Mississippi State Highway 8, which changes its name to Sunset Drive once you approach the city boundaries. Keep an eye out for a sign on your right that will instruct you to make a left turn in order to enter the old historic section of Grenada, Mississippi’s downtown.

If your destination is Grenada Lake, do not take the exit for the downtown area on Highway 8, but rather stay on Highway 8 and go less than two miles beyond the town to reach the lake. Hugh White State Park and Grenada Lake will be clearly marked on a sign that you will see. Scenic Highway 333 is the name of the road. The reservoir, beaches, and several camping spots are all accessible through this path. Since the 1960s, visitors have been increasingly drawn to this lovely lake due to its increasing popularity. The park is kept in good condition, and it has a strong sense of community.

The city of Grenada is much older than Grenada Lake

Grenada, Mississippi, was not formally organized as a county until 1879, although the city of Grenada was established in 1836. In the beginning, there were two competing towns that sprang up next to one other in the same geographic region. Both of them were given the names of cities: Pittsburg and Tullahoma. The two towns, which were only divided by a section line (which is now known as Line Street in Grenada), both flourished and became into fierce competitors. In the year 1835, an attempt was made by Tullahoma to annex Pittsburg, which was followed by an attempt by Pittsburg to annex Tullahoma. The proposals for annexation were both denied by the governor. On July 4, 1836, Reverend Abraham Lucas presided over the “Marriage of Pittsburg and Tullahoma,” which officially united the two towns to form Grenada. The Oddfellows Cemetery is home to his resting place.

Grenada has a population that is only a hair under 15,000 people. If you were to drive through the commercial district, you might get the impression that the population is much higher. The town serves as a hub for a sizable portion of the surrounding rural area, which brings economic activity to the city.

I found the Confederate Cemetery at the Fellows Cemetery, which is located on Mississippi State Highway 8, to be really interesting and enjoyable. These united cemeteries are exquisitely laid out and well-maintained, and they comprise hundreds of burials in all. The sight of a tiny but stunning grove of Eastern Red Cedar Trees inside the grounds came as a nice and pleasant surprise to me.

In 1930, a prototype for a modern railroad crossing was developed, constructed, and put into operation at a crossing on Mississippi State Highway 7. Alonzo Billups was the one responsible for the design. It was the very first indication of its sort ever seen anywhere. It was flawed, needed a lot of maintenance, and was eventually taken away because of these reasons. You may learn about its history on this page. The removal of the sign was ultimately precipitated by the exorbitant price of neon gas, which served as the last straw that caused the camel’s back to buckle.

The following is a list of historic districts and sites that have been included on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Confederate Earthworks
  • Evergreen Plantation
  • Glenwild Plantation Manager’s House
  • Grenada Bank
  • Grenada Masonic Temple
  • Illinois Central Depot
  • Lee-Dubard House
  • Odd Fellows, Confederate and Yellow Fever Cemeteries
  • Providence Cemetary
  • US Post Office-Grenada
  • Sen. Edward C. Walthall House
  • Wild Wings Mounds
  • Yalobusha Line Defensive Trench
  • Margin Street & part of Line Street Historic District
  • South Main Street Historic District

It is not practicable to try to provide a description of each, as can be seen quite clearly. In the region of Grenada Lake, there is also the remnant of a Confederate fort that was built there. To get to the fort from the Hwy 333 circle, just follow the signage. This information may be found at the bottom of the page that also contains details on Vicksburg, Mississippi.

A trip of the city will be quite enjoyable for you. Driving there does not take too long, and the central business district is the place to begin. I was not successful in finding a map for a driving trip; but, following this link will allow you to download a map from Google Maps. A public park currently occupies the space that was once occupied by the Grenada County Courthouse. The structures that surround the plaza remain almost unchanged from how they looked decades ago. The previous location of the Bank of Grenada is notable due to the fact that the institution eventually transformed into Regions Bank, a renowned financial institution that operates across the southern states.

Grenada’s main thoroughfares are lined with historic residences and buildings.
The roadways that go west to old Highway 51 and south to Mississippi State Highway 8 are lined with historic churches and residences. When I relocated to Winona, Mississippi, in 1960, that’s when I went to Grenada for the first time. To reach Winona, go 22 miles south of Grenada on US Highway 51. Along the way, you will go past the picturesque community of Duck Hill, Mississippi.

Grenada is fortunate to have a number of outstanding dining establishments. This is at least in part attributable to the heavy highway traffic that regularly passes through the town. In the heart of the city, at 149 South Main Street, you’ll find the Orleans Coffee Shop and Bakery. At 1525 Sunset Drive, the eatery known as Jake and Rip’s is known for its delicious barbecue and steaks. Carmella’s Ristorante can be found at 1360 Sunset Dr., and that is where we choose to eat. We had a really wonderful pizza and a Greek salad that was outstanding, but I’ve heard that the pasta is on par with the best that can be found anyplace. I have to go back and give it another go.

At the 333 Restaurant, which is located along the Scenic Route, you have the option of dining from the buffet or the menu. This restaurant is of high quality. 333 Highway provides a picturesque tour through the region around Grenada Lake.

Follow the lead of the locals.

Travelers are aware that you should only stop at a restaurant that is crowded with automobiles and trucks from the surrounding area. It is a good indicator that the meal is delicious if the locals dine there. The same may be said for vacation spots and other leisure areas. If they aren’t busy, it’s likely because they aren’t worth the money you’ve worked so hard to save for your trip.

There are several people I know who live in Choctaw County that make the trip up here to fish at this lake on a regular basis. There are Catfish, Bream, Perch, and Crappie in there as well as Bass. The first few months of spring are when the crappie runs in the spillway, and at that time anybody may catch their limit in about an hour and a half. On the weekends, there is a large influx of campers and RV owners. During the warmer months, it might be difficult to reserve a camping spot. Camping in Grenada Lake is an activity that should not be missed on the weekend.

The parks, beaches, and restaurants of this bustling and business-oriented city are all popular hangout spots for my friends who make their home in Grenada. I have a feeling that this will be a pleasant experience for you. Please let me know if the information in this article was useful. You can leave a comment or a review of this article by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the word “comments.”

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