Things to Do in French Camp, MS

Welcome to French Camp, MS. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was an important Indian Treaty that was signed in 1830 by the leaders of four different Indian tribes as well as officials of the United States Government at what is now known as French Camp in the state of Mississippi. At key locations all around the region, historical markers depicted on Green Bronze Legend Placards have been affixed to the ground.

Louis Leflore was the one who first founded French Camp as a trade center back in its early days. Leflore is credited as marrying a Choctaw princess, and the couple’s son Greenwood Leflore later rose to the position of Chief of the Choctaw Nation. The carriage that belonged to Greenwood Leflore is on exhibit in a carriage house that is enclosed in glass and is located between the bed & breakfast and the café. There is a section that visitors may stroll through that has genuine reconstructions of early 20th-century rural and agricultural structures and machinery.

At mile marker 180, visitors may get off the Natchez Trace Parkway and enter the quaint community of French Camp in Mississippi. You’ll be able to view the Baptist Church in French Camp.

Kids relate tales that are quite like those that I’ve heard other youngsters tell, tales about playing close to and below an ancient home that was raised off the ground by stone pilings. Under the home, even on the hottest days of the Mississippi Summer, it is always nice and cool. The high construction of the French Camp Baptist Church made it possible for young children to play in the shade as they were running about.

You may locate “The Council House Cafe” in the exact same area, and it offers a delectable menu that has meals that are both light and substantial. A gift store may be found just next to the café. The French Camp Academy is responsible for the operation of these enterprises. The old French Camp Bed and Breakfast may also be found in the same region as the restaurant. This bed and breakfast’s location is perhaps the closest of any of the others to The Natchez Trace Parkway. You may park in the lot next to the bed and breakfast, then enter the property through a wooden bridge after a short walk. I am not aware of any other accommodations that are situated in such close proximity to The Trace.

A congregation of Scotch-Irish and Irish Christian settlers built a school in 1885 at French Camp, Mississippi. After that, the Presbyterian Church founded the Central Mississippi Institute for Girls, and then, in that same year, they built the French Camp Academy for males. In 1915, a fire completely gutted the girls institution, which led to the eventual consolidation of the schools into their current structure. Since its founding in 1950, the academy has operated as an interdenominational boarding school with the goal of bringing glory to God through ministering to troubled youth and their families. In addition, it is used by kids who live in the surrounding area as a member of the Choctaw County Public School system. Additionally, there are students from other countries attending this institution.

In addition, the university is the owner and operator of a Christian radio station that can be found on frequency 107.9 and goes by the call sign WFCA. The station broadcasts religious programming, including Southern Gospel music, programs teaching from the Bible, and newscasts. It has a range of around 100 miles in all directions throughout the middle of Mississippi’s northern region. The Academy is supported by the profits that are generated by the station.

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