Things to Do at Callaway Gardens (Where to Stay & What to Eat?)

Callaway Gardens defies descriptions that are not extremely complex.

The Callaway family took a wasteland that had been depleted over the course of years by cotton farmers who were unaware they were destroying the land and transformed it into a “Garden of Eden” that is now known as Callaway Gardens.

Our family just got back from visiting Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, for the eighth time. The first time we visited was for the so-called “honeymoon”, then we kept going back with kids. There is more to Callaway Gardens than what the name suggests, so don’t be surprised if a child doesn’t share your enthusiasm for the place. Inside The Gardens is a mountain resort that is on par with the best in the world. You already know that being excited makes your body feel more energized, and Callaway Gardens has attractions and activities that can make anyone’s mind excited. Our southern hospitality extends to a greeting that goes something like this: “We’ll treat you in so many different ways that you’re sure to enjoy at least one of them.” It would appear that this is the sentiment held by the employees at Callaway Gardens. The non-profit organization known as Callaway Gardens is committed to fostering a connection between people and the natural world in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. It is a place of wonder and beauty, and it is very pleasing. It is a destination that provides both short-term and long-term satisfaction.

Callaway Gardens’ Scenic Drive is a must-see.

Although Georgia is a stunning state, I have decided to move to this one-of-a-kind location instead. This stunning garden spans 14,000 acres and can be found on US Highway 27 in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It is easily accessible from both Interstates 85 and 185, which run between Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia. Travelers will find that the City of Pine Mountain, Georgia offers a limited but sufficient selection of amenities to meet their needs. This is not a town that caters primarily to tourists in any significant way. However, there is a warm and welcoming vibe, a soda fountain, a local barbeque joint and other dining options, antique and gift shops, gas stations, a dollar store, and a supermarket are all located there. A separate article on Pine Mountain, Georgia and the surrounding area will feature some of the local attractions that are worth checking out.

Why would someone want to go back to the same location eight times? That’s a good question. I am able to provide an answer to that! But you must believe me when I say that nobody can adequately describe Callaway Gardens. Its enchantment and otherworldly beauty can only be fully appreciated by paying a personal visit there. It is the most gorgeous garden I’ve ever seen, and it just keeps getting more stunning with time. Even though it is already the most beautiful garden conceivable, the staff never stops dreaming up new ways to improve it and makes small adjustments here and there. Callaway Gardens is a magnificent example of the beauty that can be created through the collaborative efforts of both God and man.

This “main article” on our experience at Callaway Gardens is being written as a starting point for the purpose of assisting you in “seeing” Callaway Gardens. I really hope that you will be interested in learning more than what can be covered in a single article like this one. This article will be updated with links as new extensions are added, allowing you to quickly navigate to whichever features are of most interest to you.

You can stay right in the Resort Facility

In Callaway Gardens, the Facility Rooms have prices that are affordable. The Mountain Creek Inn provides guests with rooms that are spotless and comfortable, decorated in a motel style, in addition to a swimming pool, restaurants, and a bar. The beds in the rooms are either the King size or double size. However, other choices are available to you if this one does not fulfill your requirements. All of these accommodations are included in the Callaway Gardens experience: the Lodge and Spa, Mountain Creek Villas, Camp Callaway, and Mountain View Golf Cottages. You even have the option of purchasing a house on the premises of the property. For the convenience of our guests, admission to Callaway Gardens is included.

You can get a meal at the Beach Pavilion restaurant, the Beach Bar, Champions, Country Kitchen, Discovery Cafe, Gardens Restaurant, Plant Room, Rockin’ Robin’s Malt Shop and Pizzeria, or The Vineyard Green Restaurant and Spirits while you’re in The Gardens. All of these establishments are located in The Gardens. The Country Kitchen, which can be found inside The Country Store and is located on US Highway 27 just south of The Gardens, is our family’s go-to restaurant. Both the Country Store and the Country Kitchen serve up some delicious Southern cuisine, and the Country Store features two breathtaking views. Food that is prepared using ingredients grown in-house in The Gardens’ various restaurants’ vegetable gardens.

In the various gift shops located throughout Callaway Gardens, you will have numerous opportunities to purchase unique mementos to take home with you. The Day Butterfly Center, Callaway Gardens Country Store, The Discovery Center, Sibley Horticultural Center, and The Sand Bucket all feature gift shops for your shopping convenience. Additionally positioned in various areas are a variety of handicrafts and works of art.

It is challenging to organize all of the characteristics into groups in a way that does not result in the overlap. There is just an overwhelming amount of things to see and do! While some things come and go with the seasons, others are evergreen and remain the same year after year. However, there are flowers that bloom in the spring, summer, winter, or fall. The changing of the seasons brings about new qualities and hues. This part of the Appalachian Mountains is known for having breathtaking fall foliage due to the abundance of native hardwood trees. Azaleas are at their most beautiful from February through March when they bloom, and the Azalea Bowl is a sight to behold.

You will be able to witness a spectacular and one-of-a-kind holiday extravaganza beginning on November 18 and continuing through the end of the year. Callaway Gardens transforms into the Fantasy in Lights during the holiday season, offering visitors an experience, unlike any other tour. More than eight million lights create a breathtaking panorama of vibrant color spread across fourteen different holiday settings. When you are done, it will be late, so you should make accommodations to stay the night.

Young people enjoy going to Robin Lake Beach, Aqua Island, Light Striker Lazer Tag, Blaster Boats, and participating in water sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, or tubing. At Robin Lake Beach, adults might find it more relaxing to relax in a beach chair under an umbrella. The beach at Robin Lake is the largest man-made beach found inside a lake anywhere in the world. A few students from Florida State University put on a circus performance every summer as part of the Three Ring Circus. Students make up each and every member of the cast. They are responsible for all of the preparation work and perform acts that require skill and bravery. You get to witness astonishing acts of daring such as acrobatics, juggling, comedy, and jumping rope, among other things. There are over one hundred students currently enrolled in this extracurricular course at FSU, and 26 students will be chosen to participate. Simply going to see a circus is entertaining enough to warrant the trip. You’ll find yourself wishing that “All your days will be Circus Days” thanks to the Ringmaster’s ring-masterful performance, which keeps the show moving along smoothly.

The Discovery Center serves as the focal point for an extensive number of nearby activities. The Day Butterfly Center, the Horticultural Center, the Birds of Prey, The Treetop Experience (also known as Zipline on Hormones), the Pioneer Log Cabin, and many more attractions can be found in this area.

Like to fish? You can fish in some of the dozen lakes.

Callaway Gardens was established in 1978 by Bo Callaway’s parents, who were also responsible for the development of Crested Butte Ski Resort. Bo Callaway is currently serving as the Secretary of the Army. Callaway Golf was established by Ely R. Callaway, who is Cason Callaway’s nephew. The Callaway name is also associated with the golf company that bears the same name. Therefore, just as you might anticipate,… The Gardens is becoming a major player in the world of golf. Lake View and Mountain View Golf Courses are both prestigious PGA courses, and they can be found winding their way through Callaway Gardens. You could also go to the clubhouse at Mountain View or the golf practice facility at Twin Oaks.

There are many hiking and biking paths that wind through the woods, along roads, and up and down hills and valleys. On some of the hikes, you will have the opportunity to participate in guided tours, while on others, you will be free to set your own pace and take your time. One location that should not be missed is the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel. There, you can take in a concert performed on the chapel’s stunning pipe organ.

The Discovery Center shines a spotlight on its special exhibits… There are dozens of different topics, such as butterflies, birds of prey, horticulture, and gardening. In order to keep guests informed of what is going to take place each day, it is necessary to have a published daily agenda of events.

Callaway Gardens … There’s No Place Like It!

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