13+ St Moritz Switzerland Summer Activities (2023)

Is St Moritz worth visiting in summer?

Of course YES!

We are delighted to share with you some suggestions and ideas to make the most of your stay in and around St. Moritz. Spending the summer in the mountains may be exciting, romantic, soothing, and enjoyable, among other things.

St. Moritz has a wealth of cultural attractions and other locations that exude a large city atmosphere, both of which contribute to the city’s distinctly metropolitan atmosphere. A cosmopolitan in the middle of the natural grandeur of the Alps. We hope that this article will be inspirational to you, and we wish you a good summer.

Enjoy a wildflower walk.

Wildflowers are at their most beautiful during the summer months in St. Moritz. Over two hundred different kinds of wildflowers may be seen blooming in the region, turning the landscape into a brilliant and colorful carpet of blooms throughout the warmer months.

If you want to get the most out of this magnificent spectacle, Heidi’s Blumenweg is the place to go. This one-kilometer-long trail is ideal for families, and it can be reached by the funicular. Along the path, there are signs that name some of the blooms, and when you reach the finish, you will be at the traditional wooden structure known as Heidi’s Hutte. Visit during the month of August if witnessing Edelweiss is something that especially interests you.

Explore the many works of art and architecture.

St. Moritz has been a cultural center since the 1800s, and it has an interesting and ever-evolving art scene as well as fascinating architecture, ranging from grand palatial architecture from the 19th century to houses and huts in the signature Alpine style, to futuristic to modern and experimental designs. The ideal time to appreciate the city’s architecture is during the warmer months when you can stroll through the city streets and take it all in. The Chesa Futura building, Niemeyer’s residence, and the Segantini Museum are all wonderful places to see while you’re out and about!

Eat at a restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star.

Those who are passionate about cuisine and like trying new dishes will have the time of their life on vacation in St. Moritz. The central business district of the resort is filled with scrumptious restaurants, cafés, hotel bars, and bistros, several of which have been awarded Michelin stars. St. Moritz offers a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience because of the melting pot of local Engadine cuisine and cosmopolitan fare, which results in dishes such as triangle sausage, ski water, and truffle pizza.

St. Mortiz is a playground for the rich and famous, so it should come as no surprise that the city’s culinary scene is among the best in the world. It’s been said that one out of every ten restaurants in this city has been given a world-class rating.

I would highly suggest eating at IGNIV, which is a two-star Michelin restaurant run by Andreas Caminada. In the exquisitely crafted hardwood interior of Badrutt’s Palace, you and your friends will be given the opportunity to partake in a communal dining experience that is unparalleled. The cuisine features delectable preparations of the freshest seafood and meats obtained from the surrounding area, complemented by well-selected wine pairings.

Take advantage of everything that the lakes and winds have to offer.

Make the most of your time at the lake that gives St. Moritz its name! Throughout the winter months, snow polo, ice skating, horseback riding, and ice cricket are all popular activities that may be played on the frozen solid lake. However, St. Moritz’s lakes are also ideal for having fun during the summer months. Activities like sailing, windsurfing, rowing, and swimming are all great ways to enjoy the water in St. Moritz since the weather is known for being very bright and the winds are typically strong and dry.

Take a trip on the Glacier Express.

Take a round journey on the Glacier Express, one of the most renowned scenic railways in the world, and go to Tiefencastel, Disentis Mustér, or farther. This famous train line travels from the town of St. Moritz to the community of Zermatt, making stops at a number of cities and villages along the route.

The whole journey takes seven hours to complete. On the other hand, it is feasible to complete a round journey to one of the neighboring villages in a single day, even accounting for the time needed to stop for lunch.

The segment that winds through the breathtaking Rhine valley between Andermat and Chur is one of the most picturesque parts of the journey. This segment of the trail brings you to both the highest point (2034m) and the lowest point (585m) of the whole course.

Explore the renowned peaks of the alps on foot by going on hikes and treks.

The breathtaking natural splendor of the Alps is one of those things that really doesn’t need any explanation at all. The world-famous snowy mountains, woods, lakes, and valleys that can be found in and around St. Moritz are like a picture brought to life. There is no time of year in which the weather is more favorable for exploring all of the paths, mountain walks, and hidden gems that make up the breathtaking beauty of the Engadine than in the summer, when the sun shines for ever longer and brighter than it does any other time of year.

Go bar-hopping.

When the evenings are warm and the vibrant St. Moritz is coming to life, there is no better time than now to explore the resort’s various pubs and clubs, since now is the best time to do so. St. Moritz is the place to go to grasp the night since it has everything from exclusive opulent parties in sparkling clubs to comfortable restaurants after the thrill of the day. They serve everything from mulled wine to Dom Pérignon mixes.

Take a bite out of the famous Engadine walnut tart.

The Nusstarte, also known as the famed Engadine Walnut Tart, is the one and only delicacy that visitors to St. Moritz should make sure to sample before they leave the city. Before Swiss chocolate ever became a delicacy around Europe and the world, St. Moritz was delighting visitors with its sweet confections and amazing patisseries in the many cafés and tearooms. These treats were both a delicious and necessary burst of sugary energy after spending long days on the ski slopes.

Pay a visit to the Alpine Cheese Dairy in Morteratsch.

The Morteratsch Alpine Cheese Dairy may be found about 12 kilometers away from St. Moritz. Because the dairy is only open from June to October of each year, the only time of year in which you will be able to enjoy this experience is if you go to St. Moritz during the summer.

The resident cheese expert will walk you through the process of manufacturing cheese, and then you may try some of the regional specialties at the restaurant that is linked to the hotel. Order one of the cheese and meat plates, which are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, or indulge in a sumptuous fondue. Both are wonderful options.

From St. Moritz, you may make your way to the dairy on foot if you’re in the mood for some exercise. After you’ve stuffed yourself silly with cheese, go back to your house on the neighborhood bus.

Have fun shopping.

Spending time in the main heart of St. Moritz provides visitors with access to more retail opportunities than they could ever hope for. Local boutiques and regional specialties coexist alongside internationally recognized labels such as Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, and many more. Items such as jewelry, accessories, apparel, works of art, specialty coffee, cosmetics, healthcare supplies, and sports goods… St. Moritz provides it for its guests because they want it!

Go to Muottas Muragl to watch either the sunset or the sunrise.

The summit of the climbing mountain Muottas Muragl, which is located in the Upper Engadine, is said to provide one of the most stunning vistas in the area. This is not an easy accomplishment. Giovanni Segantini, whose works are on display at a museum in St. Moritz, had a cabin in this area where he spent his whole life painting the awe-inspiring and gorgeous scenery. Visitors to the museum may see his paintings. Since 1907, the Muottas Muragl hotel and restaurant has been transporting guests up the mountain on its famous red train. The experience of dining at the restaurant, which serves a variety of Engadine and Italian dishes (as well as an impressive selection of wines!), while St. Moritz stretches out below in all of its Alpine splendor is one that will not soon be forgotten.

Make use of the spa’s restorative waters.

Even tens of thousands of years before the advent of modern winter tourism, the St. Moritz area was already well-known and much sought after for its miraculously curative waters, which were high in iron and other mineral salts. Hiking up a mountain is now just as much a part of a vacation in St. Moritz as going to a spa to rest and relax after a day of enjoying all the exciting activities the resort has to offer. Spas are more than just springs; they now provide swimming pools, saunas, massages, and even cosmetic treatments to their clients in order to foster a deep sense of well-being.

Attend some of the summer’s many festivals and markets.

Spending time at the summer market in Zuoz is a great way to relax and take it easy on a day off. Visitors have the opportunity to search for the ideal summer decorations, handcrafted candles, thrift items, antiques, and local products as they stroll around the Schulhausplatz. Both the St. Moritz Jazz Festival and the Engadine Music Festival take place throughout the month of July in the town of St. Moritz during the summers. If there’s one thing that can make the already enchanted town of St. Moritz even more so, it has to be wonderful music!

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