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Visitation to Columbus, Mississippi has always been highly recommended. Unique alchemy is produced as a result of the population’s rich diversity. The typical kind and welcoming people from the countryside that can be found elsewhere in Mississippi can be found in Columbus. In addition, it is the location of a prestigious university that was once an all-female educational institution. The official name of the institution was the Mississippi State College for Women. Mississippi University for Women, or MUW for short, is its new name. When you add in Columbus Air Force Base, which has been in this area for the last seven decades, you have an interesting and varied assortment of cultures and interests. Prior to the appearance of any of those components, Columbus was a thriving, dynamic, and prosperous town that had a large number of Antebellum residences and historic structures.

Main Street Columbus, MS

Back in the day (before there were highways with four lanes), if you were driving through Columbus, Mississippi, old US Highway 82 would take you straight through the middle of town. It’s been nearly half a century since I first pulled into the lovely parking lot of this historic city. Everything morphs and changes throughout the course of time, but evolution isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Although this is the case in the majority of American towns and cities, the highway no longer passes through the center of the community. Even communities are given the runaround sometimes.

The city of Columbus, which has a population of nearly 26,00, is located in Lowndes County and serves as the county seat. Tennessee Williams, who became renowned as a novelist and playwright, was born in Columbus. Both the city of Columbus and MUW are responsible for the sponsorship of commemorative events and the operation of the Tennessee Williams Welcome Center. They are dedicated to preserving history while also making strides for the future.

The cities of Columbus, West Point, and Starkville, Mississippi come together to create what is known as the Golden Triangle. This region offers the benefits of a metropolitan area. An example of this would be the Golden Triangle Regional Airport, which provides commercial flight options for paying guests. The neighborhood is also serviced by WCBI and WLOV TV, in addition to a number of radio stations. The Dispatch is a community newspaper that distributes its content across the Golden Triangle region.

A brief history of like Columbus, MS

In his journey for El Dorado, Hernando de Soto traveled through what is today the city of Columbus in Mississippi. At the time, this region was known as Columbus. In point of fact, the first mention of Columbus in authoritative historical records occurs in the year 1810, when John Pitchlynn, the United States interpreter for the Choctaw Nation, moves to Plymouth Bluff. There, he constructs a house, starts a farm, and conducts Choctaw Agency business. Columbus is referred to as “Columbus.” Posum Town was the Native American name for Columbus prior to the city’s incorporation. In 1821, the town of Columbus, Mississippi, was officially formed. Plymouth was the name of an earlier town that was established on the other side of the Tombigbee River. However, the town was wiped away by a flood, and Columbus emerged in its place following Plymouth’s destruction.

During the time of the Civil War, Columbus possessed a munitions arsenal that manufactured gunpowder in addition to certain pistols, canons, and other small arms. The presence of the arsenal led Union soldiers to attack the area, which General Nathan Bedford Forest was able to effectively defend against. Additionally, Columbus served as a hospital town for wounded soldiers sent there from other nearby conflicts. The Friendship Cemetery is the last resting place for thousands of soldiers from both sides of the conflict.

The national commemoration of Memorial Day may be traced back to these parts. On April 25th, 1866, the young women of Columbus went to the Friendship cemetery to decorate the graves of the Confederate soldiers who had died during the war. In the process of doing so, they came upon the graves of Union troops and, unable to bare the idea that those graves would be left unadorned, they decided to decorate those graves as well. This was the beginning of the tradition of adorning the graves of those who had died on both sides of the fight. Poet Francis Miles Finch, who was there in Columbus on the day in question, memorialized the occurrence in her poem “The Blue and the Grey.”

Proud home of Columbus Air Force Base

In 1942, Columbus, Ohio, celebrated with pride the arrival of Columbus Air Force Base as its newest resident military installation. The CAFB employs a total of 3,000 people. It is one of the four Flight Training bases located in the United States. Training for over half of the active pilots in the United States Air Force takes place at Columbus Air Force Base. The community around this base feels a strong sense of pride because of the important role it plays in the defense of our country.

Because so many of the men and women who were stationed at CAFB had such a positive experience during their time in Columbus, many of them have chosen to retire there.

Friendship Cemetery

In Columbus, Mississippi, the Friendship Cemetery can be found on Fourth Street South. The cemetery may be found on a cliff that looks out over the Tombigbee River, which can be seen flowing all around and through the city of Columbus. The original five-acre parcel of property belonged to Union Lodge No. 35 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which was the previous owner. In 1957, they gave it up to the city of Columbus as a deed. It is presently home to a burial yard that spans more than 16,000 graves over 65 acres of land.

A significant number of the city’s initial founders as well as soldiers of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are all buried at this cemetery. You may find a wonderful collection of photographs from this cemetery on Google Images.

Mississippi University for Women is affectionately called “The W”

A public liberal arts institution with a four-year curriculum, initially known as Industrial Institute and College and then as Mississippi State College for Women (MSCW), is now known simply as “The W.” It was the first public women’s college in the United States when it was founded in 1884, and it still holds that distinction today.

In 1982, a male student won a lawsuit in the United States Supreme Court that opened the door for other male students who met the requirements to enroll. In 1988, the Board of Trustees of MUW reiterated the institution’s goal to be one that provides outstanding academic programs to all students who are eligible, with a focus on providing women with opportunities that are unique to them. There are now less than 2500 students enrolled, of whom 85 percent are female.

Make sure you check the schedule for the Columbus Pilgrimage.

The Pilgrimage of Ante-bellum Homes in Natchez and Columbus is considered to be two of the most important events that take place throughout the state each year. Antebellum homes in Columbus were saved from being burned or destroyed as a direct result of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s efforts to stop the Union Army from entering the city of Columbus. As a result, Columbus now has the second-largest collection of antebellum homes in Mississippi, behind only Natchez.

To see the pre-Civil War mansions in Mississippi, tens of thousands of tourists go there during the month of March each year. Although many of these houses constructed by planters during the golden era seem like mansions, practically all of them feature characteristics that are exclusive to the South during that time period. During the pilgrimage, locals offer their houses to visitors so that they may demonstrate the architecture and ways of living that were prevalent in a more elegant period. The pilgrimage coincides with the flowering of redbuds, azaleas, fruit trees, and dogwood trees respectively. It is a celebration of charm and beauty that cannot be replicated anywhere else than the select few communities in the Old South that have managed to maintain their old mansions.

As a result of their rich historical background, Columbus and the Golden Triangle have developed into a robust manufacturing and industrial community that can compete with those of many bigger regions. The Baptist Hospital in Columbus is one of the premier hospitals in the state, and it is located in a city that is home to excellent schools, reasonable shopping, and a variety of restaurants. It is an amazing location to call home.

Regarding the culinary arts!!!

When it comes to dining, we often go to Columbus. There are a number of excellent local eateries that we find to be to our liking. One of the most well-known restaurants in the area is named Rueben’s Fish House. This well-known establishment can be found on the banks of the Tombigbee River at 171 Moores Creek Road. They are known for their catfish, steaks, and excellent salad bar. In the evenings when going out to eat is very popular, you could be required to wait in line despite the fact that the building has enough space to accommodate around 300 hungry people… well, they were hungry when they arrived, but they aren’t hungry now. Some of them are complaining about the possibility of having to be moved using a wheelbarrow. The seafood is delicious!

The Harvey’s Restaurant located at 200 Main Street has become famous across the area. The proprietor is the owner of numerous other branded restaurants, but Harvey’s is considered to be the greatest. The menu is comparable to that of other restaurants, but what sets this establishment apart are the recipes, the service, the chefs, and the flavor. The cuisine at this restaurant is head and shoulders beyond what you’ll get at most other Golden Triangle establishments. Harvey’s may be found in both Columbus and Starkville, Mississippi.

On US Highway 45, not far from US Highway 82, you’ll find the Old Hickory Steak House. This establishment fits the definition of a “hole-in-the-wall eatery.” It seems as if the inside was put together from scraps of various materials. The miraculous smudge-proof vinyl tablecloth has a red and white checkered pattern and is red and white in color. When they initially became available, we referred to them as oil rags when I was a child. They changed the name to Vinyl, but the fabric itself was still the same. They are common at low-priced eateries, but you may get into trouble if you tried to order them at a more expensive establishment. Take a seat, relax, and place your order for a rib eye steak. “Would you want it in a small or large?” We don’t even bother to read the whole menu, so we don’t even know if there are any more stuff on there. The quality of the steak served here is on par with the best you’ll find anyplace else. They provide your salad along with a jar containing three different dressings for the salad. Additionally, you will get a baked potato of medium size with it. Before being put on the table, each potato is pierced open and subjected to quality control. It’s wonderful!

Recreation abounds and surrounds Columbus

The Tombigbee River has sufficient water for practically all forms of boating, with the exception of island hopping. You may go water skiing, swimming, or fishing, and you can even launch a boat that’s large enough to have a party all by itself for the weekend.

There are four golf facilities in Columbus, and another half dozen are within a half-hour drive from the city. The surrounding region is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in the southern United States, particularly for turkey and deer.

The Columbus Motor Speedway is located just south of town, along Highway 82, and is home to stock car racing events. Huge races, well-known artists, and a shared passion for auto racing are some of the factors that, on occasion, draw tens of thousands of yelling fans together for exciting evenings filled with loud music and rumbling engine sounds. This is not my scene at all, but apparently others like it.

Have you ever seen the construction of a lock and dam? The same mechanism that is responsible for the operation of the Panama Canal also has a functioning station to the west of Columbus. Even if for no other reason than educational and entertaining ones, it is still well worth the travel to go see it.

Shopping Columbus

There are primarily two different retail districts. You have downtown’s Main street at your disposal. Some of the older establishments are still doing well in this neighborhood, although the majority of the vacant storefronts have been taken over by more modern shops and boutiques.

The other region is located along North US Highway 45. Both sides of Highway 45 North are lined with fast food restaurants, local chain eateries, local and chain businesses, Leigh Mall, Belks, Walmart, and Kmart. There are also local and chain retailers. In addition to these, there are a variety of locally owned music, furniture, and dry goods businesses, as well as a number of car dealerships and a collection of more commercial buildings, banks, and offices. Motels may be found along US 45 and US 82 for the most part.

Pick one of the city parks from the options available. A lovely strolling park can be found near the southernmost end of Main Street. This park also serves as a venue for festivals, carnivals, and other events that take place during the warmer months.

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