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If you haven’t heard of Corinth, Mississippi before, you probably aren’t going to schedule a vacation here anytime soon; nonetheless, this is a place that you would like visiting very much. Historic, thriving, and forward-thinking best describe the city of Corinth, Mississippi. It is a spot where the past and the present come together and shake hands like two old friends. The city and its surrounding area are both packed with and surrounded by a variety of appealing options. It may be found near the intersection of US Highways 45 and 72 in the north-eastern quarter. From Lake Superior all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Highway 45 travels in a north-south direction. From Chattanooga, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee, US Highway 72 travels in both directions, east and west. The distance from Corinth, Mississippi to the Tennessee state boundary is less than ten miles. This is not a site that is hard to get to at all.

Corinth Mississippi is a great place for a Road Trip.

There have been between three and four times that I have driven to Corinth, Mississippi. We like going to Corinth because the people there are usually welcoming, the cuisine is delicious, and shopping there is a lot of fun. We keep coming back because this town is filled with one-of-a-kind boutiques. Sanctuary Antiques and Garden Shop, located at 1009 Taylor Street, is considered to be one of Charlotte’s favorite businesses. They provide a variety of goods, including antiques, gifts, flower arrangements, garden items, and home décor. Even if you aren’t interested in going in and shopping at the store, it is still worthwhile to have a look around the outside of the building since it was formerly an Episcopal church and the grounds have been well maintained. The people that manage this company are really kind and willing to assist customers.

The city of Corinth serves as a hub for several forms of entertainment.

The cities of Memphis and Jackson in Tennessee, Tupelo in Mississippi, Florence in Alabama, and Huntsville in Alabama are all easily accessible by car from Corinth. Because of its geographical neutrality, Corinth is an excellent venue for event planners. The Crossroads Arena in the city has hosted a great number of concerts and other events throughout the years.

When one considers that it is located in a county that is mostly rural, the city of Corinth has a beauty that belies its setting. There are slightly more than 37,000 people living in Alcorn County, Mississippi, with more than 14,000 of those individuals calling Corinth their home. In addition to these five towns, the county also has one village. In spite of the town’s little size, travelers may still find quality accommodations, a variety of dining options (both locally owned and brand restaurants), excellent shopping, and other services. The flow of local trade has not been hampered in any way, not even by the existence of large department store chains.

I have a soft spot for historic communities that are also meticulously maintained, pristine, and actively working to ensure their continued viability. The Mississippi town of Corinth meets all three requirements. In 1853, the community was first given the name Cross City. Because of the connection that took place here between the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad and the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, this place got its name from that. Later on, the editor of the local newspaper gave the town the name “Corinth,” after the city of the same name in Greece, which was also a major transportation hub. Even though most people who reside in this area have forgotten where the name came from, it has managed to stick.

The Crossroads Museum can’t be missed if you’re downtown.

During the American Civil War, having control of the city was a strategically important piece of real estate due to the fact that it was located at the intersection of the two major railroads. In the year 1862, this location was the site of many engagements. They were fought over who would control which train route and how it would be used. The name “The Battle of Shiloh” was given to the first conflict, while “The Siege of Corinth” was given to the second conflict. Van Dorn Street, which is one of the main thoroughfares in the present-day city of Corinth, was given its name in honor of Major General Earl Van Dorn, who served in the Confederacy.

The majority of people find that going on a self-guided tour of the Civil War locations is enjoyable. Nearly every location in the city that provides tourist information will have pamphlets and tour guides available for purchase. On the website known as Civil War Album, which also provides information on a variety of other Civil War locations, you may get a sneak peek at some of the attractions.

It is easy to find what you’re looking for in Corinth.

The region is home to not one but two excellent tourist or conference centers. The Alcorn County Welcome Center was designed and constructed in the classic colonial style. Its interior is predominantly adorned with antiques that date back to the 1800s. It can be found at 2028 South Tate Street in Corinth, and it resembles a warm and welcoming Southern home more than the conventional roadside rest stop. The second location, the Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, may be found in downtown Corinth at 215 North Fillmore Street. This location is right adjacent to the old station. If you are interested in attending festivals, fairs, or events with variable start and end hours, you should get in touch with these people.

Borroum’s Drug Store, which was first opened in 1865 by Dr. Andrew Jackson Borroum, is an integral part of any visit to the historic district of downtown Corinth. It is the oldest pharmacy still in business in the state of Mississippi. You may still get ice cream that has been hand-scooped and enjoy it in an old-fashioned soda fountain if you want to. They are known for their hamburgers, which they term “Slug Burgers.” You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time when you try the shakes and burgers here. (This is something that can only occur for someone who has already traveled “back in time.”) On the shelves are hundreds of different kinds of trinkets and other souvenirs. The retail establishment can be found at 604 Waldron Street, just beside the Alcorn County Courthouse.

Although we haven’t tried every restaurant in Corinth, Martha’s Menu is well regarded by the community and is also one of our go-to spots for dining out. Favorites of Southern cooking are included on the menu at all times. If you want to dine here at midday, you should be prepared to compete with a lot of other people for tables. The cuisine is difficult to match anyplace else. In the middle of the downtown commercial district, at 202 Taylor Street, you’ll find it.

There are “oodles and scads” of Ante Bellum dwellings and structures constructed immediately after the turn of the century into the nineteenth, so numerous that it is difficult to try a listing in a short article. If you would want further information, please visit one of the informative websites that I recommended in the seventh paragraph up above.

The following is a list of some of the more fascinating activities that may be done in Corinth, Mississippi. There is a national cemetery in Corinth that spans 20 acres. In addition, there are parks dedicated to the Civil Battle, as well as the residences of prominent persons who served during the war. W. Linden Road is where you’ll find the Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth. Freed slaves started their new lives in the Corinth Contraband Camp. This camp was located in Corinth, Mississippi. There may be found at 902 North Parkway.

Don’t miss the Crossroads Museum at 221 Filmore Street downtown.

Benjamin Franklin Liddon was responsible for the construction of a residential structure as well as other notable commercial structures in the city of Corinth. He was responsible for the construction of the Coliseum Theater, which is now listed on the National Historic Registry. This theater has 999 seats, is completely functioning, and has an architecture that was quite costly to build when it was first constructed and is now very attractive.

Since there are a number of museums and cultural institutions in the area, like the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, which is located inside Shiloh National Military Park, it would be simple to spend very little money while accomplishing an incredible amount of things. The combination of all of these factors makes a trip to Corinth quite budget-friendly. If you live near enough, you will be able to appreciate this city even if you visit it several times due to its convenient location. If you need a place to stay for the night, there are several quality hotels and a few bed and breakfasts from which to choose.

The event is known as “Pickin’ on the Square” takes place throughout the whole year. Each and every Thursday night, it begins at 7 o’clock. The occasion will take place on the lawn of the Alcorn County Courthouse, which is located in the heart of Corinth. In the case that the temperature outside drops too low, the free event will be moved inside of the historic Corinth Coliseum Civic Center, which is located not far from the square. Simply said, musicians get together and perform.

The Corinth Depot is the location of the weekly Green Market. In order to provide local farmers, gardeners, artists, craftsmen, and others with the chance to sell their items in a setting that is more authentic and open-air, the Green Market was established. To help promote the local economy, the Green Market urges patrons to shop locally wherever possible. It is a wonderful opportunity for locals and tourists alike to get together and trade their wares.

Don’t overlook the excellent sights in the surrounding area.

You can reach J. P. Coleman State Park on the Mississippi side of the stunning Pickwick Lake if you leave Corinth and go east on Mississippi Highway 2. The park is situated on the Mississippi side of the lake. The Tennessee Valley Authority was responsible for the construction of the Pickwick Landing Dam, which resulted in the formation of the lake. This enormous lake is a fantastic site for a wide variety of water activities to be enjoyed. Smallmouth Bass and catfish caught there have broken many world records for their size.

The lake is located on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway’s northernmost point of access. This amazing river makes it feasible for commercial traffic, which benefits not one, not two, but three states. Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi will reap the advantages of this. Ports, locks, and dams are some of the enormous infrastructures that are constructed at different locations along the route. The level of activity is incredible, and the positive effects on the economy are fantastic. Because of the locks and dams, the river is now navigable by boats that are far bigger than those that were previously allowed.

Due to the fact that Corinth, Mississippi is one of my favorite places in the state of Mississippi, I could talk about it for hours. We have just skimmed the surface of the activities that may be enjoyed in Corinth; nevertheless, you are welcome to visit and explore the city on your own. That is the most effective course of action to take regardless. It is a lot more enjoyable to actually go on a road trip than it is to just speak about going on one.

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