16+ Fun Facts about Australia that will Surprise you

It is a well-known fact that Australia is one of the most peculiar and one-of-a-kind locations in the whole world. It is certain that Australia is one of a kind, from the utterly peculiar animals that live there to the peculiar laws that, according to some, are still in effect. You may already know some of these interesting facts about Australia, but I guarantee there will be a few that surprise you! So, without further ado, here are some peculiar or intriguing facts about Australia.

Canberra is the name of Australia’s capital city.

Canberra is the nation’s capital despite the fact that other cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne, maybe more renowned. Brisbane is the most populous city in all of Australia.

Kangaroos are exclusive to the continent of Australia.

Kangaroos can only be found in their natural habitat, which is Australia, nowhere else in the globe. There are now approximately 50 million kangaroos living in Australia, and this number continues to rise each year.

There are many deadly creatures that may be found in Australia.

People often think of Australia’s hazardous spiders and snakes when they think of the country. Australia is home to both of these creatures.

In addition to tarantulas, box jellyfish, and blue-ringed octopuses, the Inland Taipan, which is the most poisonous snake in the world, may be found in Australia.

As a result of climate change, Australia is seeing an increase in the number of bushfires.

In spite of the fact that bushfires are already a widespread and common occurrence in Australia, the effects of climate change are making them more frequent.

Fires that start in Australia’s dry woods and quickly spread to surrounding areas are called bushfires.

In the 17th century, European explorers are credited with having “found” Australia.

The year 1606 is regarded as the year when Australia was “found.” However, Europeans had never found it before this date, and it wasn’t until after 1606 that it started to show on maps. Using the term “discovered” to describe this event is an archaic way to explain what happened; the indigenous people who lived there certainly were aware of its existence.

Indigenous Australians have a history that extends back farther than 65,000 years on the continent.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the collective name given to this group of people. They represent a relatively insignificant portion of Australia’s total population at the present time.

The Great Ocean Road is the biggest tribute to military service in the world.

One of the most well-known roadways in Australia, the Great Ocean Road is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and spectacular panoramas all along its length. The road, which was constructed by troops who had returned home from World War One, was intended to link the secluded towns that clung to the edge of Victoria’s rough coastline. It was also built as a tribute to those who had died while fighting for their country.

On this meandering path, the Twelve Apostles are the most well-known attraction, but the Split Point Lighthouse, the quaint hamlet of Port Fairy, and the surf shoreline of Apollo Bay are all as stunning locations to explore. You have a good chance of seeing Southern Right Whales along the coast between June and September. This is because this is where they travel to during the winter months. The highway runs between Torquay and Allansford, making it an excellent choice for the surface sector of a road journey between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Australia is home to 80% of the world’s animal species.

From adorable marsupials to a dizzying array of avian species, the creatures that call Australia home are among the most fascinating to be found anywhere in the world. It is possible to get up up and personal with the native flora and fauna of the nation in a variety of settings, including zoos and parks, as well as by seeing these extraordinary animals in their natural habitat.

If you want to view koalas and platypuses in the wild, having a guide show you the locations where they typically hide may be quite helpful. Kangaroos, on the other hand, are rather simple to find in the fields and farms of New South Wales. Kangaroos are easier to see than koalas and platypuses. The Sydney Wildlife World in the middle of the city is an excellent location to see any animals that you may have missed.

About 2.5 kilometres of Uluru are buried underneath.

The massive rock known as Uluru may be found in the centre of Australia, surrounded on all sides by desert scrubland, and is considered holy by many of the local Aboriginal communities. It is one of the very few sites on earth to be recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site on not one but two different lists: the cultural list and the natural list. It is believed that around 2.5 kilometres of the rock are buried beneath and linked to the Olgas, which are located 16 miles distant from where the rock resurfaces.

The stark beauty of Uluru can be appreciated to its fullest after sunset, and after dark, the pitch-black sky show a plethora of dazzling stars. The greatest time to visit Uluru is during sunset. From Alice Springs, which may be reached by air or as a station along the Ghan railway that travels from Adelaide to Darwin, it is not difficult to go to Uluru.

Over 60 distinct wine areas may be found in Australia.

If you travel to Australia, you just must sample some of the local wine. It is difficult to pick amongst the many wine areas since there is such a large range of them. If you are interested in seeing a couple of the wine districts, the best way to do it would be to take a road trip between Sydney and Melbourne, since the bulk of the wine regions are located in the state of New South Wales and the state of Victoria.

Take your time to explore the Southern Highlands, Tumbarumba, and Alpine Valleys, which together make up one of the most beautiful wine areas in all of Australia and produce wine from a wide range of varieties, including Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. There are also a number of wineries in Western Australia, all of which are approachable from Perth. If you want to take a journey outside of the city to explore the wine regions of Australia, this is a perfect option.

The world’s biggest sand island is found in British Columbia; its name is Fraser Island.

A visit to Queensland is not complete without spending some time on the sandy sands of Fraser Island. Hervey Bay serves as the port of embarkation for excursions throughout the island; therefore, board a vessel and set sail to experience the splendours of this island paradise, such as the azure waters of Lake MacKenzie, which are bordered by a beach of white sand, and the tranquilly of Champagne Pools, which feature shallow pools that are located on the ocean’s edge and allow visitors to go swimming. There are around 150 dingoes living on the island, so there is a good chance that you may see one of Australia’s famed wild dogs. However, you should maintain your distance from the dingoes since they are wild creatures that can become hostile if they feel threatened.

The Indian Pacific train operates on the world’s longest uninterrupted stretch of straight railway track.

There are a lot of breathtaking train rides to be had in Australia. The Indian Pacific Railway winds its way across the nation from Sydney to Perth, passing through the breathtaking Blue Mountains, the desert, and the steep Flinders Ranges on its journey. The Indian Pacific may be found between Sydney and Perth.

It is imperative that you make a pit stop in Adelaide; while there, take advantage of the city’s upscale dining options, art museums, and expansive open spaces. After setting out once again, you will go over the Nullabor Plain, which is where the straight part of the journey will be, before sweeping through the beautiful Avon Valley and arriving in Perth. Traveling through Australia on the Indian Pacific aboard a luxury train is an excellent chance to view the country’s diverse landscapes while also taking use of the train’s many amenities.

The Australian Alps get a greater amount of snowfall than their Swiss counterparts.

The Australian Alps, which are located in both New South Wales and Victoria, are a paradise for anyone who like skiing. Although many people go to Australia for its beautiful beaches and consistent weather throughout the year, this is not the case. Because snow is most likely to fall in Australia between the months of June and September, this continent is an excellent destination for skiers looking to get their dose during the northern hemisphere summer.

Near Canberra are a number of big resorts, including Thredbo and Perisher, the latter of which is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. Blue Cow Mountain is one of the most popular destinations because it offers guests a diverse selection of routes, lodging options, and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding Alps.

Ninety per cent of Australia’s population calls the coast home.

Due to the expansive deserts that dominate most of the interior of Australia, the great majority of the country’s inhabitants are concentrated around its coastlines. Large towns like as Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne are popular tourist destinations due to their vibrant city centres and abundance of beautiful beaches. These beaches range from the sands of Bondi to the waves of Trigg. Outside of the big cities, there are literally hundreds of tiny beach communities that are perfect for taking in Australia’s breathtaking scenery along the coast.

Visit Port Macquarie in New South Wales and catch your own meal, or go to Airlie Beach in Queensland and experience the nightlife there. Both destinations are in Australia. Because Australia is an island, there are hundreds of surf towns and beaches to be discovered; thus, you should go where the majority of people are going and travel to the shore.

The air quality in Tasmania is the best in the world.

The air quality in Tasmania is comparable to that of Antarctica, and about one-third of the state is protected as either a national park or a World Heritage site, making it the perfect location for those who like to enjoy the great outdoors. The whole island is covered with trails and pathways, making it a hiker’s dream destination. The coastline walks provide breathtaking vistas of Wineglass Bay and the Bay of Fires.

If walking isn’t your thing, there are other things to do on the island, such as cave exploration, mountain biking, and kayaking. The fauna is an extension of the one-of-a-kind species that are native to Australia; for example, the Eastern Quoll, which is now thought to be extinct on the mainland, can still be seen often in the lush farms of Tasmania.

The Great Barrier Reef comprises the world’s most extensive and diverse ecosystem.

The Great Barrier Reef, which can be seen from space, is the source of great national pride in Australia. It is comprised of almost 2,500 distinct reefs. Because it reached halfway down the country’s eastern coast, there are a lot of spots that serve as entry points to the multicoloured coral that can be found there.

Townsville, Port Douglas, and Airlie Beach all offer wonderful beaches and a variety of cruises that may take you out to experience the reef; but, Cairns is the most well-known city from which to embark on a journey to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is home to a wide variety of fish and turtles, many of which may be seen when snorkelling or diving in its waters. This experience is likely to be a highlight of any vacation to Australia.

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