Best Things to Do at Pine Mountain, GA

In Pine Mountain, Georgia, we came across a number of really fun attractions as well as excellent dining options. All of these amusements are suitable for families with children.

There are Lots to See Around Pine Mountain, GA

The majority of people who go to Callaway Gardens do so as part of a road trip, which means they have access to cars and are able to see all of the attractions. The City of Pine Mountain, Georgia is beginning to recognize the benefits of having Callaway Gardens as its neighbor and largest business, and it is beginning to take advantage of those advantages. This quaint little city encompasses a small portion of Callaway Gardens, which can be found within its limits. Pine Mountain, Georgia is found on US Highway 27, which runs north of Columbus, Georgia and south of Atlanta, Georgia. It is easily accessible from Interstates 85 and 185 via Georgia State Road 18, which is only a short distance away.

When we first went to Callaway Gardens, it seemed as though the city was unimpressed or unenamored by the activities that were taking place outside. On the other hand, the leaders of the city appear to be putting together practical strategies to make the most of their privileged position. The 27th Grill, located just south of town on US 27, served us an exceptionally delicious meal. This area has seen the establishment of a number of brand-new restaurants, an improvement in the aesthetic appeal of the storefronts, and an overall feeling of increased friendliness. I was delighted to learn that new points of interest were being established in and around the Pine Mountain, Georgia area.

These fresh tourist destinations are not brand new. However, since we were there the last time, they have been constructed in the area. My friend heard about Wild Animal Safari from a kind stranger who was lounging by the pool. She thought the two of us might enjoy going there. You won’t be able to miss the sign for Wild Animal Safari if you’re traveling north on Highway 27. And while you are traveling, you will notice signs directing you to Butts Mill Farm. It turned out that the following day was when we went to each attraction.

The wild animal preserve known as Wild Animal Safari has a rough trail that enforces a five-mile-per-hour speed limit throughout the preserve. I’m afraid that if you tried to drive any faster, you might end up running over some animals. They will let you drive your own vehicle, provided that you do not show extreme disrespect for it, in which case they will let you drive it.

The animals approach your ride very closely, complete with their horns. Hire their passenger van. They give them the appearance of zebra stripes by painting them black and white. The operation of these vans is satisfactory, but there was a time when they might have been able to be driven on a paved road. However, that was a very long time ago and it was a period of time with which I am not familiar.

You herd your audience into these rusty old vans with zebra stripes, and you set off.

Wow, That Is One Lovely Van

The only window that has glass in it is the one on the side facing the passenger. In order to prevent the animals from coming inside the van with you, the other windows have steel bars or pieces of rebar welded across them. This Wild Kingdom, which is similar in appearance to the African Savannah, is home to over 600 different species of animals. There are animals in every direction you turn. Giraffes, American Buffalo, Elks, Fallow Deer, Black Bucks, Fallow Doe, Gaurs, Pot-Bellied Pigs, and Goats are just some of the animals that you might come across during your travels. You can buy cups of animal food, but you are told not to feed it to animals that resemble cows or birds. You can buy animal food in cups (Ostrich, Emus, ducks etc). Animals will attempt to reach for food by sticking their tongues through the bars. If you choose to sit too close to the window, you will feel compelled to purchase the T-shirt that is currently the most sought-after item in the gift shop. On the back of the T-shirt, it says, “I got my face licked at Wild Animal Safari.” Permit me to begin by extending my gratitude to the woman who was at the pool but remained nameless. Please accept my sincere gratitude… We had a great time doing it.

I’ve Been Slobbered

In the building where you buy tickets to enter the Wild Animal Safari, there is a nice gift shop as well as a small concession stand. Simply inquire with the helpful staff at Wild Animal Safari to obtain up-to-date information on pricing and the times that the facility is scheduled to open. It takes approximately three hours to complete the activity, including travel time to and from the location.

You will find a sign directing you to Butts Mill Farm on your way back to Pine Mountain, Georgia on US Hwy 27 after visiting Wild Animal Safari. The sign will be on your right. Amusement parks come in all shapes and sizes, and Butts Mill Farm is an entirely unique one. The owner of Butts Mill Farm is originally from an Amish community in Ohio, and he brought some of that culture with him when he moved to this area.

A playground located on the Butts Mill Farm property

The Bon Vivant Café can be found on the premises of the Farm/Park. On the menu, you’ll find Amish specialties like cheese, butter, pasta, and bread, among other things. You can enjoy the charming appearance of a rustic setting all throughout the park. The ability of this attraction to provide catering for large groups during daytime hours is a unique quality that it possesses. They even hosted an event where 4,000 AFLAC employees for which they provided food and entertainment outside.

Butts Mill Farm provides wholesome activities for the whole family and is located on eighty acres of scenic farmland in Georgia. Each guest can enjoy the entirety of the park’s offerings for the price of a single admission ticket. Mini Golf, Kiddie Train Rides, a 110-foot-long inflatable boot camp, a water slide, the Mega Discovery Zone Play Area, Noah’s Ark Playground, Wild West Playground, Obstacle Course, Bungee Bull Ride, Bike Course, Inner Tubes in the Creek, Disney’s Car’s Slide, Horseshoes, Beach Volleyball, Basketball Court, Free Fishing Lake, Picnic Areas, Covered Bridge, and a Fire Truck Playground are all included with

Riding Horses

Trail rides on horseback lasting one or two hours, as well as trail rides that include a picnic lunch, are available for an additional fee.

Both of these destinations feature parks that are excellent for families with children. Everyone in your family will have a good time while riding the Wild Animal Safari ride at Butts Mill Farm, and everyone will be able to find something there that they like to do there. The value of a trip to Callaway Gardens, which is without a doubt one of the best places in the United States to take your family on vacation, will be significantly increased by the addition of attractions such as these.

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