Best Places to See Fall Colors (Beautiful USA Tour 2023)

You have to see fall colors to know what they are!

The month of September is the best time to make plans to view the fall foliage in a specific location.

The most beautiful time of the year to view the fall foliage is roughly from the middle of September through the month of October. After the first severe freeze of the season, the leaves will, in most cases, stop displaying their vibrant colors and will start to fall from the trees.

People who enjoy the winter season watch for bare hardwood trees with great anticipation because this signifies that snow is likely not far behind and that skiing season will soon begin. Some of the most popular ski resorts in the middle of winter are also some of the best places to view the fall foliage. Even though you have to get there when it’s too early to ski, it’s well worth it to do so because of the scenery.

If you are having trouble organizing a road trip to see the fall foliage, the month of September is the best time to start planning in earnest. The beginning of the season for viewing the fall colors in the eastern half of the United States begins in the latter half of September or in the middle of the following month, and it continues through the month of October and sometimes even into November in the more southern regions, but it does not happen all at once.

Hogback Mountain in Vermont

In most cases, the colors are seen for the first time in Maine, followed by Vermont and then northern New York. One of my friends makes the trip from Florida to Maine every year in order to take in the autumn foliage. When he talks about this trip, he attempts to convince me that he only does it for his wife and the friends that she brings along, but I notice that his eyes take on a strange glow.

The arrival of cold weather ushers in the season of changing colors, and as the cold air moves further south, the leaves burst with colors that seem to be from another planet as it arrives.

The peak usually occurs during the first two weeks of October from Pennsylvania eastward. This is the case in most years. If you are planning a trip to any of these areas to view the fall foliage, you might want to select a larger geographical area before contacting the tourist information bureaus in the larger towns to find out if there are any autumn celebrations scheduled during your stay.

We went to the Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion, Pennsylvania. It is a great deal of fun. More than 300,000 people are expected to attend this event in the vicinity of Clarion, Pennsylvania, every year. They celebrate the occasion with a parade that features bands, floats, and an impressive group of dignitaries. Floats wave and throw candy at the crowd.

Crowds at Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion, PA

The spectators are also entertained by the motorcyclists and the “funny cars.” Throughout the course of the nine days, there will be various competitions and other events. Because there are so many events planned, there is not enough space in this post to detail each and every one of them.

In certain cities and towns, there are vendors or kiosks that provide free hot chocolate and other types of hot drinks. The seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available at the time are frequently used as decorative elements. Pumpkins with scary faces carved into them, scarecrows made of straw and cornstalks, and other seasonal decorations all add to the festive atmosphere of the event. A genuine celebration is taking place here. These kinds of celebrations are known as fall festivals or harvest festivals in certain regions of the United States.

At each of these festivals, there is typically a sizable number of attendees. The number of locals who attend in large numbers is dwarfed by the hordes of tourists who come to observe the transformation of the leaves colors. Even relatively small communities are able to host significant parades and other events.

Some municipalities liven up their festival atmosphere by bringing in carnival rides from outside the community. The majority of these celebrations do not have the feeling of being overly commercialized. The concept appears to be… Just let people enjoy the pleasant temperatures, the changing of the seasons, and the opportunity to get out in the fresh air among a group of happy, fun-loving people.

Fall colors on the bypass near Gatlinburg, TN

Mid-October is the best time to see the fall foliage in the southern states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Even if you were unable to participate in the fun that was taking place further north, you are still in the game. The presence of a large number of large, native hardwood trees is the most important factor in producing beautiful fall colors. The texture and color of the landscape are enhanced in the southern states, despite the fact that there are fewer of these trees in the south.

The presence of evergreens in southern forests, such as spruce, cedar, and pine, blends in a dark green color as a background to the reds, golds, purples, and browns of the hardwoods. This gives the impression that the forest is deeper than it actually is. This imparts a lushness to the color, which calls to mind the spring and summer seasons, while at the same time the radiant colors of fall are stunning you with their beauty. I have had the sensation that I am driving through a picture postcard on several occasions.

The Pisgah National Forest is, without a doubt, my top choice for viewing the fall foliage in North Carolina. This incredible tract of undeveloped land can be found to the north of Brevard, North Carolina. It heads in the general direction of Ashville, which is located in North Carolina. This is not the forest that is found in the Smoky Mountains. Because the roads are so winding and narrow, driving is actually made more difficult by the terrain. However, there are waterfalls created by nature that are located right next to the road.

My first encounter with a black bear in North Carolina was in the Pisgah National Forest, and it happened to be on the side of the road. The route from the north to the south can be taken in either of two different directions. Take advantage of the many contrasting perspectives offered by both of them.

The season extends from the northern part of Arkansas through the states of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, and it can run as late as the beginning of November. Even though the mountains are not nearly as impressive as others, these regions still have breathtaking scenery.

Beautiful Fall Colors in North MS

When you add them all up, you’ll have approximately three months in which you can plan your trips to some absolutely incredible locations to see sights that you won’t forget.

When you factor in the wonderful cool temperatures that are commonplace during this time of year, you have the makings of a road trip that won’t feel crowded even if you have one more person than you should in your vehicle. Get out there and experience some of the breathtaking scenery that will make you wish you had a language that could adequately describe it.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on some of your most memorable drives through the fall foliage. I have no doubt that our readers would appreciate it.

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