Best Driving Route for Fall Foliage: MS Scenic Highway 5

There are beautiful fall colors on MS scenic highway 5. The fall foliage along Mississippi Scenic Highway 5 caused us to smile so much that it hurt our jaws.

Day trips are a lot of fun for us, and North Mississippi is a gorgeous region to explore on the open road. We left our house and drove up Mississippi State Highway 15 in the direction of Ripley, Mississippi. Highway 15 in Mississippi is one of the few state highways that travels the entire length of the state, from south to north.

After reaching Ripley, Mississippi, we continued on MS Highway 4 westward until we reached MS Highway 5, a breathtakingly beautiful scenic drive. Along the side of the road, I saw these antique tractors. It is clear that they have been beautifully restored and kept up over the years. When I come this way again, I’m going to make a point of stopping and spending more time here.

We decided to eat at the Mexican restaurant known as Mi Pueblo while we were in Ripley, Mississippi. This is without a doubt one of the most elegantly designed and tastefully embellished Mexican restaurants that we have ever patronized. Inside the dining area, ornate metal decorations can be found everywhere you look, and the decor is entirely Mexican and American in style. Both the service and the food were excellent. The food was especially fantastic. In the middle of nowhere, you’ll find a restaurant worthy of five stars.

The First Monday Trade Days (Flea Market), which actually takes place on the Saturday before the first Monday of each month, is the most popular tourist destination in Ripley. The market is home to hundreds of different vendors. This is a very old and well-established market that first opened its doors in 1883 and has been in operation continuously since that year.

Following the delectable meal that we had, we took a drive through Ripley in order to take a look at some of the historic homes that line its streets. After that, we headed west on Mississippi State Highway 4 in the direction of our final destination.

We had driven along Mississippi State Highway 5, which is known as a Scenic Highway, quite a few years ago in the middle of Summer. Because the drive was so breathtaking, we decided to come back during the autumn months and take in the changing colors of the leaves.

Just to the west of State Highway 5 is one of the highest points in Mississippi. The elevation of Harper Hill is 712 feet. The hills in this region are not particularly steep, and consequently, the landscape does not feature the stunning mountain vistas that the Appalachian Mountains are known for, but the tree species and color palette are on par with those found in any other region.

When we got to Highway 5, we went in a northerly direction and continued for approximately 20 miles until we reached the intersection with US Highway 72. This is the northern beginning of the scenic drive, which unfortunately is not very long. You will travel through the Mississippi community of Ashland, which is a relatively small town, as well as another nearby community called Spring Hill.

The road is wide enough, but there are only two lanes in each direction. There was only a slight amount of traffic, and the pavement was reasonably smooth. We did not want to be in a hurry and did not want to cause a delay for the local traffic, so we pulled over to the side of the road to let other cars pass.

Once we reached US 72, we made a U-turn and continued on our way south until we reached the southernmost point of MS Scenic Hwy 5. Along the southern section, there is a small community called Pine Grove that you will travel through. The highway comes to an end in the unincorporated community of Hickory Flat, Mississippi.

At certain points along high ridges, one has a view that extends for what seems like miles across the rolling hillside. At certain points along the route, the trees are situated in such close proximity to the road that their branches completely obscure the path. You are almost given the impression that you are traveling through a tunnel and a forest at the same time. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Mississippi’s timber has already been harvested at least once. This region is not an exception; however, the regrowth of hardwoods along this stretch of roadway is remarkable for the state of Mississippi, which is known for its natural beauty.

At this point, all we did was get on US Highway 78, drive the short distance back to Mississippi State Highway 15, and then head back to our house.

This drive was planned so that we could observe the changing colors of autumn along Highway 5. We were not in the least bit disappointed.

If you ask any person who enjoys the fall foliage, they will tell you without hesitation that photographs are incapable of capturing the true splendor of God’s beautiful work of art. If you move quickly, you can still take in the sights along this scenic route. The leaves on the smaller trees with thinner leaves have fallen off, but the larger oaks and other large hardwood trees still have their leaves and still have a few days’ worths of strut left in them.

We can’t continue on this path because we have to stop and get ready for Thanksgiving. Do not wait for us; instead, get the engine running and take in the gorgeous fall foliage.

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