3 Best Arizona Wineries to Visit in 2023

If you are in the need of a nice bottle of wine while you are traveling through the Southwestern area of the United States, then you should make your way over to one of these wineries in Arizona as soon as possible. There are approximately 80 licensed wineries to select from, most of which are situated on one of the three wine trails that run through the area. These trails are Verde Valle, Sonoita, and Wilcox. Because there are so many choices, we have cut our list down to three activities that we found to be really satisfying. Each of these sites has something unique to offer, whether it is the stunning tasting rooms, the breathtaking surroundings, or the award-winning wines they produce.

Javelin Leap Vineyard & Winery: Cornville

In the Verde Valley of Arizona, not far from Sedona, you’ll find this picturesque, family-run vineyard that’s just the right size for a boutique. The winery processes around sixty tons of locally produced grapes every year in order to produce approximately three thousand cases of wine for sale to the general public. The location has a private garden where guests may enjoy their favorite wine while also sampling a selection of small foods to go along with their drinks. Guests get the opportunity to see the complete process that is used in the production of the multi-award-winning wine during the harvest season, which takes place in the autumn.

Passion Cellars: Jerome

The owners of Passion Cellars opened their winery after falling in love with the culture associated with growing, harvesting, and producing wine. They had previously traveled to a number of wine locations across the globe before returning to Arizona, where they were pleasantly delighted to discover that there was a thriving wine business in the state in which they had been raised. The family moved rapidly to establish their own winery after purchasing property along the Wilcox path. The family takes tremendous delight in the product that they create and enjoys talking to visitors about the wines they have to offer as well as their grapes. The family takes great pride in the product that they manufacture.

Callaghan Vineyards: Elgin

Open in 1990, this location was also born out of great love for European wines. Owners Both Kent Callaghan and his father, Harold, were responsible for the manual planting of the first vines. Kent continues to be a “hands-on” owner, actively participating in all aspects of the business, from planting to caring the grapes to producing the wines. He encouraged tourists to have a tour of the vineyard and likes having one-on-one conversations with consumers who are curious about the production method or the product itself. Since it first opened its doors, the vineyard has been recognized with a number of prestigious prizes and distinctions; they now extend an invitation to you to visit, kick back, and enjoy their wines.

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